When I moved from my home state of Texas, my hair stylist gave me some valuable advice. “When seeking out a new stylist, look for someone whose hair always looks great – cut & color-wise.”  So as I settled into my suburban life on the North Shore, I started to scope out great hair-dos on my friends. At this time, I was schlepping into Boston and paying more than I should for the end result…my friend Sara always looked terrific, and voila, I started going to ‘the Walter’ of Walter & Co. Not only after all these years have I been happy with the end result but I truly enjoy all my visits to Walter, who treats me like a royal subject. Who doesn’t enjoy getting their hair washed and blown out???  But it’s WAY more than that for me. Walter always remembers what I’ve been up to and we have a wonderful conversation like old friends. And we ALWAYS have a good laugh!  Who can’t use more laughter in their life?  In fact, the rest of the salon is so thoughtful and remembers to ask after my family. I can be somewhat of a challenging client, too, as I never stick with one hairstyle for long. From growing my hair out long to chopping it off to donate, Walter meets these challenges with a smile and makes me look like a million bucks. He always listens to how I want my hair to look and takes great care and pride in the multiple-color highlighting process he gives me with perfection. Walter better never retire because he’s irreplaceable in every way!  And if that isn’t enough of a glowing report on Walter, the real proof may be in that I’m frequently referring people to him and his salon, as my friends constantly ask me where I go to get my hair done.
Lauren D.

I have been going to Walter and Co. for over 12 years and I always leave looking fabulous! Walter listens to what I want and then makes suggestions based on his years of experience. I can't tell you how many times people ask me "who does your hair?" I have even been asked by complete strangers!
Sara L.

I have been a client of Walter DiNitto for approximately 33 years. It is obvious that he loves what he does, as he is as passionate about his work now as he was then.  He is probably one of the finest hair stylists I have met over the years.  The atmosphere at his salon is warm and welcoming and it is an absolute pleasure to spend my leisurely time with a fine staff as well……
Diane I.

Over the last 15 years or so I feel like I am a walking billboard for Walter and Company Hair Salon in Danvers. People will stop me on the street to tell me how much they love the color, highlights or cut followed by who does your hair?  My reply, “Walter”. I pay similar compliments to my friends, who give the same reply when asked about their hair, “Walter”. Walter is a master hair professional, a therapist or listening ear when needed, and believes in being involved in and giving back to our local community.  The culture within his salon from his staff is one of high quality service and friendliness that you feel the minute you walk in that "everyone knows your name".  A visit to Walter and Company Hair Salon is sure to brighten your day - it always does for me.
Betsy G.

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