how to choose a hair salon
1. Don't pick a Salon based on price alone. You want the overall Value to the overwhelming factor in your decision.
  1. The stylist's experience and creativity is key. You want a stylist who has handled a lot of different situations and is comfortable with all your requests.
  2. The quality of the products the Salon uses is extremely important. Good quality in = good quality out. The hair color products, permanents and Hair Products are very important because it shows the level of commitment to High Standards the Salon has.

2. All Salon Staff are not the same.
  1. What is the experience and training of the staff?
  2. Will the stylist spend time listening to your individual needs and desires, relative to your lifestyle?

3. Give the Salon and Stylist a real chance to convince you that you are in the right Salon for you.
  1. The Stylist should be ready and willing to really listen to your needs.
  2. Then they should be able to execute the service professionally.
  3. This is the KEY! The stylist should then express to you that this relationship is cooperative and if you have any questions or concerns, you should feel free to call and talk with them to do whatever is necessary to make your style right.

4. Allow yourself enough time for the appointment (You deserve it!)
  1. To make the most of your time in the salon, give yourself and the stylist enough time to fully consult with you, to map out a "goal" for your Hairstyle.
  2. Communication will save time, money and headaches. Your hair stylist should be fully engaged in the process, or you are making a big MISTAKE.

5. Pick a Salon that Totally Guarantees 100% Satisfaction!
  1. Some Salons will not fully guarantee your Happiness and Satisfaction.
  2. If a Salon totally guarantees satisfaction, you know they have Confidence in what they do and stand behind every Hairstyle that they do.

6. A license does not assure quality.
  1. Ask how experienced the stylist is.
  2. Inquire what kind of advanced training they have.
  3. Natural talent is great, but they need to have professional training. Not something they learned along the way.
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